Two thirds of the world is underwater.  Discover Scuba Diving and open the door to the rest of the world.

Open Water Certification is the entry level certification for ages 10 years and up.  This will teach you to dive for the rest of your life

Advanced Certification teaches you how to dive depths from 61 feet to 130 feet along with basic compas navigation while introducing you to other types of diving like night, photography, videography, hunting, advanced navigation, boat, etc.

Specialty class are training and certification in specific areas of diving such as: Night, Deep, Hunter, Videographer, Photographers, Altitude, Dry Suit, Fish Identification, Boat, Full Face Mask, Underwater Communication, etc…

Rescue class is a good class to have under your belt.  It would be a tragedy to not be able to save your buddy.  We teach you the basics, prevention, assessment of diver stress, how to approach the diver, techniques of finding missing divers, bringing them to the surface, and other rescue techniques.  We also teach you the skills to be the first responder. 

Dive Master is the first step to professional status.  This level teaches you how to lead and supervise divers. 

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