Monterey Weather Report


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Monterey Bay weather report
Monterey Dive Sites
A list of Dive Sites in Monterey with GPS coordinates including rating of difficulty.
NDBC Ocean Conditions
National Data Buoy Center for Monterey Bay
NOAA Marine Conditions for Monterey
NOAA Marine Conditions for Monterey Area
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Finmen of Northern California
Finmen of Northern California Dive Club - Meets 2nd Wednesday of each Month in Manteca - see their website for details
Monterey Carmel Underwater Maps
This site aims to bring together underwater maps constructed from bathymetric data obtained by the Sea Floor Mapping Lab with first-hand information, accounts, and pictures provided by local divers to better describe and document the underwater areas of the Monterey and Carmel Bays.
California Department of Fish & Game - Ocean Fishing
Monterey Fishing Map